We want to satisfy all art-lovers’ needs, from the collectors to the experts.

What plans does SpeakART offer?

Three incremental plans to meet all the needs of our customers.

SpeakART provides the user with Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

With all subscription plans, you will have access to a useful information tool and a constantly updated source of data.

The Platinum package will also give access to the detection of damages and forgeries of works in our database and will, therefore, have the most innovative features of the software.

The Gold and the Platinum plans will also give access to the function for the creation of Condition Report, a useful and immediate tool, necessary for the handling of artworks. The format is intuitive and simple, guiding the examiner step by step, not forcing him into forced technical bottlenecks, but allowing him to freely express his critical ability.

Access to external professionals, such as photographers and registrars, or simply a third party for viewing the worksheets, are guaranteed by a system of “invitations” from the client.

This allows our customers to interact with a third person with his collection, from a remote location.


The user may access the complete and detailed information of of his collection. He will be able to insert new works in the database and modify those already present relating to his profile. The modified data system will be an incremental system, so any correction or modification of the data entered will be kept.

It will be possible to view or modify: COA, free movement certification (if available), previous exhibits, galleries and museums, restoring and certificates, specific information, curiosities, documentary evidences, and images (document scans, restoring pictures, images, digital sign of the author, digital and digitalizable certificates).


  • Complete information
  • Documentary evidence


The Gold plan is for those who want to access all the information on the catalogued artworks and also want to be able to use the Condition Report format for them.

The Gold plan gives access to all the information available in the Silver plan and with the possibility of also using the tool developed by SpeakART to build these fundamental documents.

For this reason three functions are very useful:

  • an editor thanks to which it is possible to note on a picture any damage detected or any comments on the work
  • the possibility of loading the previous condition reports
  • the possibility of duplicating the condition reports


  • Complete information
  • Documentary evidence
  • Condition report


The Platinum plan is the most comprehensive one provided by SpeakART. All you have to do is ask for the “Turnkey” or “Licensed” service. The Platinum plan gives access to all the information provided by the database, the damages and fakes recognition software, the opportunity to manage the information entering and to catalog the artworks, moreover, it will be possible to document over time the state of conservation of an artwork thanks to the Condition Report!

By subscribing to this plan, you will access the full potential provided by SpeakART:

  • the database
  • the format for creating and printing condition reports
  • the false and damage recognition tools.


  • Complete information
  • Documentary evidence
  • Condition report
  • Documentary evidence Analysis software tool

Discover SpeakART in a matter of seconds!

SpeakARTis an optimizer, a guarantor of certainty, and an accelerator to make information move better on the art market.


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