The Project

SpeakART is an innovation that assures the reliability of the information about artworks.

What is SpeakART?

SpeakARTis an optimizer, a guarantor of certainty, and an accelerator to make information move better in the art market.

No more doubts about artworks. Art speaks by itself, thanks to SpeakART!

SpeakART is able to link certificates, information, and documentary evidence of the artwork to the artwork itself. It is a crucial asset for the cataloging and researching. All data can be extrapolated and used by the users as they please.

How to read them? Taking a picture of the artwork!

What innovation does SpeakART bring?

A detailed scan to take advantage of all the information on the artwork also from your smartphone. With this scan, SpeakART will be able to recognize any damages reported and any fakes of the artwork.

SpeakART aims to detect the smallest detail of artwork with a high-resolution scan. The information acquired is processed by the software through an algorithm, which allows creating a real unique fingerprint of the work. This uniqueness is used not only to detect fakes and damages on the artwork but also to compile a database with all the information related to it and its existence.

This information will be provided by the customer and updated over time. Anything that gives an artwork its value will never be lost or neglected again.

The provided information will be recorded in a permanent log. It will always be possible to trace the information entered by the provider of the data to ensure that incorrect data is not entered.

All information and images will be accessible from smartphones, computers, and tablets.

How does SpeakART work?

A unique fingerprint of the artwork ready to be analyzed, compared, and recalled at any time.

To recognize a forgery or damage, simply compare the original scan of the artwork with the most recent scan. The software will process the information and will be able to recognize, in a few moments, all the differences by clearly highlighting them with a precision far superior to that guaranteed by the human eye. It will also be able to find an artwork in the database with an easy search by title, author or year of creation or simply by taking a picture of the desired work.

Condition Report

SpeakART is the fastest and most convenient tool for documenting the state of conservation of an artwork over time.

SpeakART has included among its functions a fundamental tool that responds to every need of those who approach art as an expert and user of the sector: a format to quickly and easily compile the Condition Reports.

Condition Reports are real examinations of the artwork that serve to define the state of conservation of it. They are usually drawn upon the occasion of loans, exhibitions, and movements of the artworks. The owner or lender is thus informed, even for insurance purposes, of any problems that the work may encounter during its “journey.”

The Condition Report, thanks to SpeakART, can use the damage recognition software to identify the problem and then use the available format to describe exactly the initial and final status. Moreover, having the initial matrix of the work available, the assessment of the actual state at the time of return will be objective and, if there are more transitions, the person in charge will be able to establish even when the problem was detected and, therefore, where the damage was produced.

For insurance purposes, SpeakART will ensure that the work left by the owner is the same as the one that returns once the exhibition is finished, without the risk of substitution with possible fakes.

SpeakART not only provides security thanks to the objectivity of the comparison process but also drastically reduces the compilation and analysis time for the Condition Report, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface on which to compile it.

Registrars, insurance companies, and owners of artworks will find a tool created to meet the most specific needs on which they can rely.

SpeakART is for those all who love art

SpeakART is a useful asset for those who work in the art market such as auction houses, art galleries, registrars, artists, museums, or insurance companies. It will be an essential tool for private collectors as well. By saving time and staff resources, you will have the opportunity to focus on cataloging and documentary researching. Students and researches can enjoy the data collection for free.


We protect and enhance artistic productions.

The added value of SpeakART compared to any other software in circulation is the ability to make each work inimitable, safe, certified, and not falsifiable.

We eliminate the risk that an artwork will be deprived of its value by fake circulation and uncertainty, all thanks to the scanning of the original work, which will make all the reproductions evident and easily identifiable. The works will also acquire value by recording their movements, exhibitions, and any stays at events worthy of note. Restorations can be traced, and the value of the artworks will be much more transparent.

It will be extremely easy to find and use the information of each artwork. For an emerging artist, having all the information of his entire production available, also from a smartphone, would mean to be able to navigate freely between its past and its present, guaranteeing constant monitoring of its evolution, to have a detailed database that is easy to consult in order to build its exhibitions and catalogues, and, last but not least, having a great marketing tool to promote his art.


We make it easy and immediate to gain access to the information of each artwork.

Finding information and cataloguing all the artworks couldn’t be easier. With SpeakART, you can easily catalogue the entire warehouse, keep the movements of the artworks up to date, check for damage, make condition reports after software analysis, find information for the entire graphics production from the catalogues to the identification plates of the artworks, and much more. We lighten the workload of those who set up the rooms, but also of those who have to find and catalogue the material.

Once you have entered the information of an artwork in the database, you can use it anywhere and anytime even from your smartphone.

Any damage from transport can be easily identified by simply comparing the original scan of the work with the most recent scan. SpeakART offers a simple and extremely precise tool that allows you to detect even the damage that would be impossible to notice with the naked eye. It creates a physical place where compiling condition reports will be quick and easy and where everything is remembered and simplified.

No more artworks lost in overflowing warehouses, SpeakART helps you bring order and efficiency to your museum!

Auction Houses and Galleries

SpeakART makes the art market safe, reliable, and transparent.

The clients of auction houses and galleries demand transparency and certainty in the art market. SpeakART responds exactly to this need.

Whether it’s a proposed after-sales service or a pre-sales service that guarantees the customer, even more, SpeakART software could become the best tool for collectors and professionals. A fake could no longer be mistaken for an original if the work is entered into the SpeakART database. Furthermore, information that often uses resources and personnel to be found would be immediately available to collectors and experts in the field. No more wasted resources and time in retrieving information.

Last but not least, there is the ability of the system to provide valid statistical support and a clear case history with access to the information contained in the database.


A professional tool for an objective evaluation of the artwork.

SpeakART will make the work of a registrar non-subjective. It will provide these professionals with an essential tool to create an objective evaluation of the state of the artwork, giving them the opportunity to detect damage, even the smallest, with a mathematical certainty and in a very short time.

The registrars will use this software as a surveyor uses the laser pointer. SpeakART is a tool that will guarantee the optimization of their work.

In order to provide a really complete tool, SpeakART has also implemented a fundamental function for the compilation of Condition Reports within the software itself. The format is simple, intuitive, and leaves the necessary space for these professional figures to describe the examination conducted on the artwork.

All documents will be downloadable and printable. Once saved in a final way, the condition reports will be part of the curriculum of the artwork and will no longer be modifiable.

Insurance Companies

SpeakART detects the damage and reconstructs its history.

No one is more interested in having the maximum certainty about the damage caused to an artwork than insurance, and at the same time, an insured and moving artwork maintains its perfect integrity and is not counterfeit.

SpeakART drastically reduces the possibility of disputes. The pre and post-insurance status of the work or before and after a move will be compared by the software and will give a simple and unambiguous answer for the assessment of any damage reported or a possible counterfeit. Requesting the comparison is very simple and once the work has been scanned, it can be done anywhere, it will be necessary to follow a few instructions to analyse the two fingerprints of the artwork.

This will not only save time and money for a decrease in disputes but will also give the certainty to both the insured and the insurer to avoid any problem of falsification of the artwork.

Our free and paid offer

By registering, you will have access to the information related to the cataloged artworks in the SpeakART database. You will find all the information on artwork by taking a picture of it or through our free research. If you want to use the fake or damage identification tool, you will have to subscribe to the Gold or Platinum plan. No sensitive data are visible in each plan unless the artwork owner provides consent.

Discover SpeakART in a matter of seconds!

SpeakARTis an optimizer, a guarantor of certainty, and an accelerator to make information move better on the art market.


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