With SpeakART
art speaks for itself

Our software creates the digital fingerprint of the artwork which records all the information and detects its changes over time.

What is SpeakART

SpeakART has transformed the art market making the information about artworks safe and reliable


Multilingual, simple, fast and efficient

SpeakART is the optimized system to manage any collection, both public and private. It allows you to have orderly and easily available information, without space limits.


The unique digital fingerprint of the artwork

The magic of SpeakART's proprietary algorithm is based on the creation of the matrix: hence the digital fingerprint of the artwork, which indissolubly links its identity with information and documents.
Additionally, it allows to evaluate the status of conservation detecting forgeries, damages and natural decay without the artwork being touched.

Condition Report

The reliable declaration of the artwork status

The software features an essential tool for an easy and fast drafting of condition reports.
They are basic documents for the conservation and the movement of the artwork.
SpeakART allows editing, storage and sharing in an intuitive and immediate way.

SpeakART Insurance

It simplifies a complex process putting insurance companies, brokers and clients in communication.

SpeakART Insurance is the tool that allows you to manage the entire insurance process, facilitating the workflow of brokers and insurance companies with a simple and efficient system.


“The enhancement of cultural heritage cannot be separated from a correct conservation and comparison of data. Digitization is useful when it makes this operation easy.”

Angelica Maritan, Founder

Evaluation of artworks

SpeakART offers the most effective method to create, preserve and present evaluation of public and private collections.

It will be easy to allow technicians to make assessments in person or remotely thanks to the invitation system. The work is done in safety, with the availability of clear data and optimized information sharing. Thanks to the digital fingerprint, also the evaluation report is indissolubly linked to the artwork in order to have the documentation that certifies its value available over time.

Who we address to

SpeakART is dedicated to all the actors of the art sector.

It is a great resource and an essential tool which allows a huge time saving as well as an always objective evaluation of the conservation status of the artworks.




Museums and art fairs




Galleries and auction houses




Insurance companies

Latest news

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We want to simplify the insurance process

We automatically produce insurance certificates and manage the artworks lists in an optimized way, to make the workflow easier, traceable and cheap.