With SpeakART

art speaks for itself!

Thanks to SpeakART the art market becomes safe, reliable and transparent.

Find out in a few seconds what SpeakART is!

We want to make the art market reliable enough to make it attractive and usable for everyone.

Our aim is to create a network that protects the artistic heritage and those who operate in, providing a useful, simple and functional tool.

How does SpeakART work?

Once added an artwork in its database, it is able to recognize false or possible damages suffered from the same artwork.

The SpeakART software manages to link certificates, informations and documentary proofs of the artwork to the artwork itself. It therefore becomes an essential resource for cataloging and research. All data can be extrapolated and used by users at will.

How to read them? Simply photographing the artwork!

Which is the plan that best suits your needs?

SpeakART foresees the possibility of using the services offered in a personalized way. Databases, condition reports, the damages and fakes recognizing tool and many other tools can create a profile that fits perfectly to the customer’s needs. The system is simple, works remotely, saves time and ensures certainty in commercial transactions.


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