SpeakART is software that links certificates, information and documentary evidence to the artwork

What is SpeakART?

An optimizer, a guarantor of certainty and an accelerator for information

No more doubts about artworks: with SpeakART, art speaks for itself!

The software manages to link certificates, information and documentary evidence of the artwork to the artwork itself. It therefore becomes an essential resource for cataloging and research. All data can be extrapolated and used by users at will.

How to read them? Simply by taking a picture of the artwork.

What innovation brings SpeakART?

Create the fingerprint of your artwork. Access all information where you want, when you want, how you want.

Through a high resolution image, SpeakART is able to recognize any damage and any forgeries of the artwork. You will be able to use all the information stored at any time.

The acquired information is processed by the software through an algorithm, which allows to create a real unique digital fingerprint of the artwork.

This uniqueness is used not only to detect changes that the artwork undergoes over time, but also to compile a database with all the related data and documents. These are provided by the customer and can be updated over time.

All this guarantees to keep your artwork safe and to preserve its value.
All information and images can be used on smartphones, computers and tablets.

How SpeakART works

A unique fingerprint of the artwork, ready to be analyzed, compared and recalled at any time.

Saving the artwork in the database, it is possible to insert a high-definition picture of the artwork that can be created simply with a smartphone or camera. This is indissolubly linked to the information related to the artwork itself and it can be compared over time with any subsequent scan to detect any changes. When a second and more recent digital fingerprint is uploaded, the software processes the information and is able to recognise all the differences, highlighting them clearly in a few seconds and with an higher precision than that guaranteed by the human eye.



The management of both
public and private collections:
multilingual, simple,
fast and efficient


The unique digital fingerprint that links information, certificate of authenticity and documents of the artwork, that recognizes forgeries and detects damages


Condition Report

Drafting, conservation and sharing
of the fundamental document
for the handling
of the artworks


SpeakART Insurance

Simplify a complex process
by connecting
insurance companies,
brokers and customers

Who is SpeakART for?

SpeakART is dedicated to all the players in the art sector

SpeakART is a great resource for private collectors and for all the operators in the art market, whether they are museums, insurance companies, artists, galleries, experts, or auction houses. The time savings gained in cataloging and document research will be enormous.


An intuitive and dynamic management of your collection

The collector can easily maintain control over the documentation and the information related to all his artworks, within reach of smartphone or computer.

The approach and management system is simple, it keeps track of information and deadlines. It also allows you to supervise the conservation and the status of the collection, by comparing the scans of your artworks taken at different times: the clarity and immediacy of use allow a management in full autonomy.


We protect and enhance artistic productions

The added value of SpeakART compared to any other software in circulation is the ability to make every artwork inimitable, safe, certified and not falsifiable.
We eliminate the risk of an artwork being depleted of its value because of uncertainty or circulation of forgeries. The artworks will also acquire value thanks to the recording of exhibitions and events; the restorations can be traced and the value of the works will be much more transparent.

It will be easy to find and use the information of each artwork. For an artist, having his entire production available and make use of it easily from a pc and smartphone means to:

  • navigate freely between his past and his present, ensuring constant monitoring of his evolution
  • have a detailed and easy-to-consult database to build his exhibitions and catalogs
  • have a great marketing tool to promote his art
  • Museums

    We make the access to information on each artwork easy and immediate

    Finding information and cataloging all the artworks couldn’t be easier.

    With SpeakART it is easy to catalog the entire museum warehouse, to keep the movements of the works updated, to check the damages, to draw up documents, to recall personal data for the production of catalogs and identification tags, lightening the workload of those who set up and manage the material.

    Once the information of an artwork has been entered in the database, it can be used in any place and at any time. Any transport damage can be easily identified by simply comparing the original scan of the work with the most recent scan, thanks to a simple and extremely precise tool that allows you to detect even what, with the naked eye, would be difficult to notice. Filling out the condition reports will be quick and easy.

    Auction houses and galleries

    SpeakART makes the art market safe, reliable and transparent

    The client of auction houses and galleries demands transparency and certainty in the art market. SpeakART responds exactly to this need.

    Whether it is a pre or post sales service, SpeakART can be the best ally of the insiders: a fake could no longer be mistaken for the original if the artwork is in the database, the information that consumes resources to be found would be immediately available without wasting time.

    Furthermore, the system offers the opportunity to have a valid statistical support and clear case studies thanks to smart access to information.


    A professional tool for an objective evaluation of the work

    SpeakART makes the job of the experts easier and more comfortable. It will provide these professionals with an essential tool to create an objective assessment of the status of the artwork, giving them the opportunity to detect even the slightest damage with certainty and in a very short time.

    It guarantees work optimization and it is completed by the implementation of a function for the drafting of the Condition Report: the format is simple and intuitive, leaving space for the professional to express himself at his best. Once definitely saved, they become part of the curriculum of the artwork. All documents are downloadable and printable.

    Insurance companies

    SpeakART identifies the damages and reconstructs their history

    No one is more interested than insurance companies in having the maximum certainty about the damage suffered by an artwork and, at the same time, that an insured and animated work maintains its perfect integrity and is not counterfeited.

    SpeakART drastically reduces the possibility of disputes. The status of the artwork before and after the insurance period will be compared by the software and it will give a simple and unambiguous answer for the objective assessment of any damage reported or any counterfeiting.

    Generating the comparison is an operation that anyone can do in any place. This will not only save time and money thanks to a decrease in disputes and process times, but it will also give both to the insured and to the insurer the certainty of the status of the artwork.

    Find out how SpeakART works in a few seconds

    SpeakART allows the artwork to “speak for itself” thanks to the creation of its personal and unique fingerprint