SpeakART software optimises the management of artworks and collectibles

What SpeakART offers

Time and costs optimisation, certainty about information,sharing speed in an all-in-one system

SpeakART system helps to manage the life cycle of an asset from the begininng to the end, offering an efficient support for every event and every need.

Stored data are ordered and easily searchable, without the risk to loose information in time.

Any actor interacting with an asset finds in SpeakART the technological solution to the inefficiencies always encountered in the daily work.

Each operation takes place in an environment characterized by the highest levels of privacy and security

SpeakART innovations

SpeakART leads to an innovative turning point, in favor of the digitalization of processes

  • cloud and platform independent software: information at fingertips anytime and anywhere, regardless of the type of devices used and without the need for local installation. The maximum security is guaranteed by the cloud, with real-time updates
  • separated but integrated tools: the Management System is integrated with the comparison algorithm and with SPIN, the tool dedicated to the insurance process. This allows us to offer customized proposals based on needs, both from a B2B and B2C perspective
  • cataloging of all collectibles: for a complete management of the assets from an enhancement perspective 
  • creation of the digital fingerprint: a permanent link between the physical asset and its digitalised information, which offers the possibility to supervise the status of the asset over time
  • sharing and communication: a user structure that allows the management of complex realities thanks to branched permissions, ease of sharing information within the software through a structured system of invitations, import and export of data always available

SpeakART solution

Tools integrated in a all-in-one software to solve all the inefficiencies of the collectibles sector, responding to the needs of its players

The basis of wealth management lies in an orderly and complete archiving of your assets. The conservation of value over time requires continuous monitoring of the state of conservation. The insurance process must be supported by tools that make it more efficient, optimizing time and costs to devote as much attention as possible to the care of the insured items. SpeakART offers a complete solution, which allows fast and efficient communication internally, but also externally. Sharing and collaboration are the key words to put into practice the best practices of asset management


Management System

cataloging of all types of artworks and passion assets, supported by reports and formats to trace
the life cycle of assets

Digital Fingerprint

creation of an indissoluble link
and comparison over time to detect
damages, changes and forgeries


SpeakART Insurance

optimization of the insurance process for issuing certificates and inventories, document management and lists of insured items

Who is SpeakART for?

SpeakART is dedicated to all the players in the art and collectibles sector

It is a great resource for all players, both corporate and private, which allows a reduction in time and costs in every part of collection management.

Collectors and corporate collections

An intuitive and dynamic management of your collection


Artists and archives

We protect and enhance artistic productions 

Museums, institutions and foundations

We make the access to information on each artwork easy and immediate 

Auction houses and galleries

SpeakART makes the art market safe, reliable and transparent


Insurance companies, brokers and intermediaries

Digitization of the insurance workflow and document production

Logistics and warehouses

An efficient and effective support for carrying out daily work

Find out how SpeakART works in a few seconds

SpeakART allows assets to “speak for themselves”, thanks to the creation of a personal and unique digital fingerprint