digital fingerprint

A single tool to certify information and monitor assets over time

digital fingerprint 

SpeakART links digital information to the physical asset, offering a tool to recognize the changes that have taken place

Hence the innovation of SpeakART: with a simple click and thanks to our proprietary algorithm, we offer the possibility of recognizing damage, natural decay and falsifications by detecting changes in an object over a period of time.

In this way:


  • the insurance claim finds objective evidence
  • conservative interventions can be planned in a systematic way
  • the authenticity of the object is digitally confirmed

how the comparison works

A quick and accurate method based on comparing two images easily taken with a smartphone or camera

When starting the comparison process, the software autonomously adapts the second shot to the first, without any need for user interaction.
The result is a percentage of overlap, accompanied by four visual results

Who the digital fingerprint is addressed to

The digital fingerprint is aimed at those who want to monitor the state of conservation and the authenticity of their collection or an asset of particular value

The system is very useful
to those who own or manage a collection for transport and handling,
to artists and artist archives to certify the authenticity of the collectibles,
for the insurance process, offering to companies and intermediaries
certainty about the integrity of the object and concrete evidence for the claim.