A unique tool to certify information, recognize forgeries and damages of the work of art

digital fingerprint of the artwork

The only digital fingerprint that links information, certificate of authenticity and documents to the work of art, which recognises the forgeries and detects the damages occurred over time

The magic of SpeakART’s proprietary algorithm is based on the creation of the digital fingerprint and on its upload in the database: it indissolubly links the identity of the artwork to the related information and it allows the evaluation of the state of conservation.

In addition to the possibility of creating this certain and inseparable connection, the innovation of SpeakART is shown by the possibility to compare the first image with a secondary shot, to detect the deltas that have affected the artwork in a certain amount of time.

In this way, the software offers the user the opportunity to observe damages, the effects of natural decay or to recognise any forgeries.

how the comparison system works

A quick and precise method based on comparing images of the past and present of the artwork

When you decide to start the comparison process between two digital fingerprints, the software will first proceed to perfectly superimpose the second image on the previous one to offer an output as accurate as it is varied. In addition to a percentage of overlap, it is possible to visually analyze the results from four different perspectives.


PixPix Method

It observes the differences between the two images in terms of correspondence of each single pixel thanks to the comparison based on the optical flow of the two images.


DiCSi Method

It observes the differences between the two images according to a structural similarity index that predicts the perceived chromatic quality between the two digital structures.


OPRA Method

It observes the differences between the two images through a series of comparison arithmetic operations, called channel operations.


DIVA Method

It observes the differences between the two images through the arithmetic comparison on the pixels, with the difference between absolute values.

Who the comparison system is addressed to

Anyone who wants to monitor the state of conservation of their artworks

SpeakART also offers the possibility to interact with third parties, such as professionals who take the matrix, remotely through a link. The great involvement of insurance companies and brokers is based on these assumptions. They are interested in being certain of the integrity of the insured items. At the same time, the software perfectly meets the needs of artists, museums and individuals to ensure that they can monitor the state of conservation of their artworks, even more so in the case of movements.