SpeakART Insurance

A system that makes the insurance process for artworks and collectibles easier, faster and more efficient

we simplify communication

We optimize the exchange of information and document management, to ensure the best communication between insurance companies, intermediaries and customers

Thanks to the invitation system and the branched management of internal users, it is possible to make all interested parties interact with a simple click.

Inefficiencies and waste of time and resources are thus eliminated, with a system that integrates the various steps of the insurance process, from the management of the object lists to the issue of certificates and inventories.

the advantages of speakART insurance

SpeakART Insurance introduces an innovative and efficient system to the insurance sector

SpeakART aims to solve inefficiencies. It is able to optimize a long data entry procedure of the insurance process repeated several times, which makes the mechanism slower, less secure and more expensive


Object lists upload

It offers space an automatic mechanism for insurance companies, intermediaries and guests of the collections to upload the object lists


Management of offers and policies history

It is able to historicize the data of offers and policies to ensure better management control and analysis on the work


Production of insurance certificates and inventories

Automatically produces certificates and insurance inventories of objects with customized formats


Documents sharing

It allows to upload and download documents to authorized persons and to share them in real time to interested people, such as customer, provider, logistics and host organization

management of object lists

We simplify operations to optimize processes

The absence of an optimized management of the lists of insured items is one of the problems most felt by the interlocutors of the process.
The connection of SPIN with the SpeakART Management System offers the possibility to load these lists manually or automatically to manage and store the data in a simple and efficient way, storing the information for future use.