Who we are

SpeakART is the innovation that makes the information on the artworks safe and reliable

The company

SpeakART was created to meet the needs of the artworld, with a cross offer for all the players in the sector

It was founded in 2017 because of the need to accurately reorganise and preserve all the information and the data that orbit around every artwork and from the will to offer a safe method for the recognition of damages, decay processes and forgeries which can affect an artwork.

This push comes from the personal experience of the founder, raised in a family of collectors, who since childhood let her get in touch with an environment full of artists, museums and auction houses.

In adulthood and thanks to her previous experiences, she has dealt with the problems common to the entire art world, and this has pushed her to analyzed them and to find the most suitable solution to those needs.

Years of research and tests have led to the market launch of a complete tool, always updated in every single part, to respond to the needs of its users and to the evolution of the market itself.

The daily effort is always intended to maintain its innovative features, offering useful services useful for the sector.

The idea of the digital fingerprint of the artwork makes both the product and the business vision unique: digitization makes any information available anytime and anywhere, but most of all makes every artwork inimitable and comparable with itself over time.

The corporate mission is and will always be to create added value in conservation, protection and management of the cultural heritage, both public and private.
It will always continue to be the reason to improve.

Thanks to SpeakART, it is possible to solve uncertainty and distrust problems, which always weaken the art market and the insurance operations

The team

We want a product that would lead this sector to lay the foundations for a reliable, shareable and innovative future.

The success of SpeakART is due to the passion that the whole team has for art
SpeakART enhances information, culture and artistic heritage.

Angelica Maritan


Engineer with a specialization in oil engineering and a master in business coaching, as a young woman she goes to work offshore as a field engineer.
Then she comes back to Italy to oversee construction sites and property management until she decides to combine the passion for art with the one for IT to make them her job.

When she has to find a solution for what was a personal need as an art collector first of all, her habit to solve problems expresses itself: find the way to allow the artwork to talk about itself linking information, documents and its value.

So she creates an algorithm which connects indissolubly certificates and documents to the artwork, managing to recognize fakes, damages and natural decay which can affect the artwork over time.

Starting from this algorithm, Angelica offers to everybody a powerful and easy instrument, a complete and equipped tool box for everybody.

Alice Menegaldo

Internal and External Relations Manager

With a degree in Economy and management of arts and cultural activities, she has a background that allows her to provide a concrete contribution both in the economic, corporate and marketing fields and from a cultural and artistic point of view.

Mauro Saccardo

Business developer

Mauro Saccardo is both an artist and a successful entrepreneur in London. After a long professional path studded with satisfactions, he decides to dedicate himself to SpeakART and opens the Londoner market.

Our Partner

A solid network of partners supports and shares our mission to bring together the art market in the 21st century

Studio Negri-Clementi

We share our passion for art with this renowned law firm and the professionals working there. They are one of the first law firms in Italy to understand the importance and potential of the relationship between art and law, Negri-Clementi (today Pavesio e Associati with Negri-Clementi) has since its foundation an internal department dedicated to art that stands out for its talent and professionalism and which, thanks to its legal skills, economic and artistic components, ensures a complete and highly qualified art advisory service. Awarded every year for their activity in the artistic field, both as individual professionals and as a studio, they undoubtedly represent a point of reference for anyone who approaches this world. This Legal Firm is also the protagonist of an important publishing project, ART & LAW, which explores all-round issues concerning the fine art sector.

Panese Think Digital

They are Italian-Spanish Web Agency that, from day one, have supported and shared the path that SpeakART has undertaken and that has been able to perfectly interpret the communication needs we believe distinguish us.

The breaking choice they proposed us with bright colors and a slightly pop style show us as we are, a revolution that accompanies the art from the old analog world to the new digital world.

Thanks to them we have been able to present us exactly as we are.

Dacos Sistemi

Calling them partners is in this case not sufficient to describe the bond that has been established between the two companies.

The Dacos Sistemi team is the real armed arm of SpeakART, who builds the machine while heart and brain work. If our technology has gone so far, we are sure it has been for the perfect synergy with this great team of people.

Dacos Sistemi works in the round for supplies and consultancy in the IT field, their ability to see beyond obstacles and their skills makes any problem manageable.

other partners

Emanuela Fadalti and Matilde Cadenti established Marignana Arte Gallery in Venice in 2013. The gallery’s program explores many expressions of contemporary art research, focusing both on new generations of artists and on those already internationally acclaimed. Marignana Arte is also active in international collaborations that foresee the development of projects with private and public institutions.

The Faraci Arte Gallery is managed by Cateno Mario Faraci who, after fifteen years of experience as an art collector, decides to open a new space in January 2019. He mainly deals with Veronese painting and sculpture, with artworks representing Verona and Lake Garda between the end of the 19th century and the mid-20th century. Without distinction of author, he also deals with symbolist, futurist and pointillist artists.

art identification standard

Our contribution to improve the art world believing in the collaboration between the operators in the sector

During the month of November 2020, SpeakART joined the AIS (Art Identification Standard) consortium, which aims to standardize information related to artworks by sharing it among all operators in the sector.


Who is AIS:

“We are a consortium across the full spectrum of the art environment bringing together artists, artist estates, art historians, curators, advisors, dealers, commercial galleries, art-tech companies, non-profit organisations, museums, insurers, lawyers, valuation experts, collectors…

We have joined forces to develop a universal standard enabling to attach a unique identifier (aID) to each artwork.

We plan to leverage blockchain technologies to anchor these unique identifiers in an unalterable distributed ledger.”


AIS manifesto contains the following five points:

1. Identification and provenance standards support a sustainable and fairer art ecosystem, ultimately benefiting its stakeholders

2. Unique object identification (artmetrics) is the cornerstone to provenance

3. Artmetrics and provenance don’t generate money, there are instead tools to enhance business models and operating systems

4. A common language across the art sector to uniquely identify an artwork and capture its lifecycle improves the fluidity of exchanges (trust, efficiency, velocity, …)

5. Artists need to be empowered by having control on how their data is used