SpeakART Insurance, the insurance revolution for the art market

SpeakART never stops. The quality of the product offered is our first goal, but great attention has also the importance of having a dynamic software, which perfectly meets the needs of those who interface with it.

In dialogue with our customers, we realized that there is a great need to order and structure the workflow of the insurance process at a digital level. For this reason, the first version of SpeakART Insurance will be released in the first months of 2020!

This large branch of development will cover all the needs of insurance companies, intermediaries and clients. It will allow a dynamic and very simple management of documents, to structure insurance certificates and manage insurance offers. We are working with the most historic and experienced players in the game for fine art insurance.

SpeakART Insurance, even more so if used with our comparison tool of artworks, will make a real revolution in 2020!

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