SpeakART, revolutionary innovation in the artworld, finally on the market.

Today SpeakART officially enters the market.

It has been a long journey, which presented various difficulties and unexpected events. Despite this, we reached our goal, on time and with great satisfaction.

Today is a great day for the whole team: SpeakART has transformed from project to product. From today, art has the opportunity to become safer and easier.

In these two and a half years, we have studied, together with a multitude of professionals, an infinite series of different aspects and desires.

From the optimal scanning of the artwork, to the most virtuous and shortest algorithm to process in terms of time, up to the most suitable layout for the product, the best user experience, the most pleasant graphics to use for customers.

It is with great satisfaction that today we present SpeakART, because we believe that the future of art will need products that optimize its use and make its trade safe.

From today, art speaks for itself, let’s start listening to it.