A photograph of the Bel Paese: “Italiae” at the Forte Belvedere in Florence

Built at the end of the 16th century, the fortress of Santa Maria in San Giorgio del Belvedere known as Forte Belvedere was born by the will of the Medici Grand Duke Ferdinando I who entrusted the project to Bernardo Buontalenti, with the aim of protecting the residence of Palazzo Pitti.

Brilliant example of sixteenth-century military architecture, it is distinguished from medieval fortifications by the absence of towers and crenellated walls. Its structure makes it an urban fortress, with a charm that makes it similar to the Medici villas, as well as being a breathtaking panoramic point of the city.


Forte Belvedere – Courtesy firenzemadeintuscany.com


For several decades now, the Fort has also become an exhibition venue for contemporary art exhibitions: this year the project directed by Sergio Risaliti is all geared towards photography sees the solo Pienovuoto dedicated to Massimo Vitali, but above all the collective exhibition “Italiae. From Alinari to the masters of contemporary photography ”.

Promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with the collaboration of Fratelli Alinari and the Alinari Foundation for Photography – historical reference points for the eighth art, the initiative brings together 75 photographers who over time have chosen Italy as their subject protagonist of their photographs.


Massimo Siragusa, Capri – Courtesy firenzetoday.it


More than 150 years of Italian history are briefly summarized in the Landscapes, in the Works, in the Faces (the three sections of the exhibition), with a selection that wants to give a portrait of the social, cultural, geographical evolution that we have created our history.

From Basilico to Ghirri, from Scianna to Berengo Gardin, just to mention some of the salient names in this photography archive dedicated to our country, a plural archive for artists and contents, techniques and periods, subjects.


Luigi Ghirri, Valli Grandi Veronesi – Courtesy firenzetoday.it