Art at home: Just Art by Sirante

Sirante, the nameless and faceless street artist, has already been talked about several times with his works that make the great classics of art history current.
The Fire in the Borgo by Raphael becomes The Fire of Nazarene with the faces of Berlusconi and Renzi, Salvini is Guercino’s new St. Peter repentant in an open-air museum made up of the walls of buildings and palaces.


San Matteo Pentito – Courtesy @_sirante Instagram


After his works invaded newspapers and social networks, Sirante had another enlightenment: Just Art, the home delivery service for works of art, was born in March 2021, in the midst of the second lockdown.

It is the first delivery of art, which in a period such as the pandemic is required to shorten the distance between art and people, even when museums and institutions cannot be visited, when it is no longer possible to walk around the cities and admire the art that so often surrounds us in Italy.


Courtesy @_sirante Instagram


Almost as if you were ordering dinner, the work arrives in a pizza box, but this time the satisfaction is not for the stomach but all for the soul. And the choice of the wrapping does not imply a devaluation of the content, since you certainly get a better effect by delivering it in this way than by keeping it in closed rooms and warehouses.

Three releases of works twice a month, in a limited edition and with a more than affordable price (about € 20 per work), because the project was born on a non-profit basis and the proceeds are used only for self-financing.
The work is presented with a frame and a brief description, as well as a QR code linked to an in-depth video.


Courtesy @_sirante Instagram


Despite the reopening, the project has not stopped and we hope it will continue to be successful because as the artist claims “art continues to be art because it is seen by people”, says the artist, and also recalling Picasso: “l art shakes the dust accumulated in everyday life from the soul ”.