At Work!: an exposition between Brescia and Venice

The collective exhibition “At Work! Work, Society, Community in Contemporary Art “in collaboration with the Marignana Arte galleries in Venice and Piero Atchugarry Gallery in Miami, which represent the artists present. The collaboration immediately indicates the desire to create a strong link between Italian and Latin American contemporary art.


Piero Atchugarry Gallery – Courtesy of


The Brescia exhibition welcomes fifteen artists and takes place in two exhibition spaces, the Mo.Ca in Brescia and Spazio Berlendis in Venice, where it will open at the end of the month, creating a connection between the two cities.

The exhibition brings some of them to the Lombard city for the first time (such as Lorenzo Passi, Arcangelo Sassolino and Verónica Vázquez – just to name a few), as well as being in close contact with the themes of the Brescia Peace Festival, now in its fourth edition.


Lorenzo Passi e Serena Fineschi – Courtesy of Marignana Arte


This event, which takes place from 12 to 28 November, aims to build a horizon for a peaceful and non-violent future, but at the same time also focuses on issues such as sustainability and nuclear disarmament.

Resilience, community value and rights are the main protagonists of this exhibition collaboration, as evidenced by the coexistence of Italian and non-Italian artists, representing the two galleries that are in turn “physically” distant.

The concept of work, from which the exhibition takes its name, is at the center of the activity of the
artists protagonists of the exhibition, who are closely linked to the material and its processing, creating a strong bond with it that points the emphasis on manual skills, from glass in the case of Lorenzo Passi to marble in the works of Pablo Atchugarry, to iron and metals in the works of Verónica Vázquez.


Veronica Vazquez – Courtesy of Marignana Arte


A project that wants to go beyond the borders of any kind, placing itself under the banner of sharing and exchange that have as their highest purpose the reflection on fundamental issues for today’s man.