Condition Report

The Condition Report is a document which certifies the status of conservation of an artwork in a certain moment.

It is drawn, or it should be drawn, on every occasion of handling of the artwork: in particular it should happen before the departure, at the arrival, again before the departure and at the moment of the return to the owner.

Who is in charge of this task should be an expert or a specialist of the sector, since it is an official document which becomes a control and guarantee tool for the artwork status.

The information that this document has to include is the details more strictly related to the artwork (such as title, author, technique, dimensions), but also those regarding handling, logistics and installation, conditions of exposure. A photographic report must be attached to this as evidence of the conditions that can give a visual confirmation to what has been described above.

The importance of structuring and compiling a document like this in the best way possible lies in its usefulness for insurance purposes, since it allows to precisely identify over time if damages or changes have occurred on the artwork to avoid disputes, establishing who has the responsibility.
The precision with which it is drawn up is therefore important for the artwork lender in the first place, but also for all the other parties involved.

With its tool for the drawing of condition reports, SpeakART allows a fast and intuitive management of the creation and the drafting of the document in all its parts. So it can also be used by the owner of an artwork as an unofficial document for a monitoring of his own collection.

To the clear and intuitive layout, we add the possibility of remotely inviting specialists and experts of the sector via email with a link for the drafting.
We have also decided to include an editor to comment graphically on an image of the artwork in order to highlight any damage or changes that have occurred.