Cottanera Visioni: a new artistic project for the winery at the foot of Etna

Castiglione di Sicilia, at the foot of Mount Etna: here is the Cottanera winery which makes respect for the volcanic land and family tradition the cornerstones in enhancing their wine heritage.

From 1960 to today, three family generations have made quality production their strong point, managing to pass on a tradition over the years without neglecting renewal to keep up with the present.

Courtesy Cottanera

In this context fits “Cottanera Visioni”, the newborn artistic project launched by the winery which will annually host various artists and their productions with the aim of creating a sort of open-air museum, as a virtuous example of an art that supports a another art, to enhance the link with the territory even better.

The first stage of the exhibition was inaugurated yesterday, May 30th: “Liberty Flowers” ​​is the personal exhibition of Gabriella Ciancimino, in collaboration with the Gilda Lavia gallery in Rome.

Gabriella Ciancimino – Leda Windmill, the numerologist of Alacati, Mumbai – Courtesy ATP DIARY

The artist is intrinsically linked to the concept of nomadism, which over the years has included participation in numerous artistic residencies. The relationship between man and nature is a key point in her production, which takes the form of the insertion of elements in the landscape often creating site-specific works. A reflection on the surrounding environment that is perfectly aligned with the meaning of the Cottanera project.

While exploring the vineyards of the winery and the countryside surrounding Etna, her attention was drawn to a stone building, which like many others scattered throughout the area, was built by local farmers.
This structure becomes a symbol of a return to the land, of a revaluation and recovery of the territory and of everything that now derives, even more so in a moment like the one we are experiencing.

“Liberty Flowers” will be open until August 29, and we can’t wait to find out who else will be inspired by the atmosphere of Etna and its landscapes, including vineyards.

Gabriella Ciancimino. I can’t swim without a sky (installation view) – Courtesy Galleria Gilda Lavia