Diana Orving’s draperies and dualism for the first time in Italy

The Swedish artist Diana Orving, recently opened her first exhibition in Italy, at Tempesta Gallery in Milan. 

Draping is her main means of expression, through which she pushes towards an investigation of the tactile and the visual, the body and space.

Textiles are one of the most interesting material sources for artistic representation: they are solid elements, but at the same time they are fluid and light. 
Orving’s large textile structures testify to this stimulating specificity.

Diana Orving, Introspection – Credits: exibart

As a self-taught artist, she works with materials according to the desired effect through the creation of dyes and the modification of the chosen fibres.

The lightness of fabrics has allowed me to work on a large scale. I am fascinated by large formats, I find myself creating the conditions to lose control and be overwhelmed by my creations. From this process comes something exciting, the uncertain, the unpredictable that attracts me“, the artist says.

A first theme proposed in her works is contact. A contact that, as social animals, we experience every day: with family, society and friends. This presupposes that there is a connection between each of us, and that the consequences of individual choices are always collective.

Diana Orving, Introspection – Credits: LIFESTAR

It thus generates a dual feeling: conflict and desire connect and tangle with each other, creating a complicated skein.

Motherhood is the other major thematic core, strongly evoked by the enveloping, uterine sculptures. It thus brings to light an ineffable feeling of mutual interdependence, a mixed, limiting yet priceless sensation.

Finally, another concept re-proposed by Diana Orving is the Fibonacci frequency: the common thread of every natural element, a fascinating reflection on the perfection of nature.  

Dualism and the fascinating art of this skillful artist thus fill the Milanese space of Foro Bonaparte, creating an immersive and scenographic exhibition.