Eleven voices for eleven I‐stanze. At the Spazio Thetis artists interpret the “crisis” of the present

Saturday the 26th of February the exhibition “I‐STANZE” opened at the Spazio Thetis in Venice ‐ a cultural hub located in the rooms of ‘Arsenale Novissimo’ which boasts an important permanent collection of contemporary art with works, among others, by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Jean Fabre and Beverly Pepper. Until the 7th of April 2022 this sixteenth‐century space presents the creative proposals of eleven artists in as many temporarily free offices; eleven White Boxes which express the need to interpret the present moment in a personal and significant way.


Cristina Treppo, “C652” (2021), green resina‐cemento – Courtesy of FG Comunicazione


The artists on view ‐ Claudia Buttignol, Paolo Frascati, Laura Guilda, Filippo La Vaccara, Armando Lovato, Lorenzo Marini, Roberto Mazzetto, Ankon Mitra, Marica Moro, Francesca Saccani, Cristina Treppo and a site‐specific intervention by Nicolò Pellarin – contributed to the free flow of relations with the “here and now” and its criticalities.

Visitors almost walk tiptoe across Cristina Treppo’s shelter‐room (Udine, 1968) where a series of cement vases is dangerously installed on thin iron trestles. Memory is one of the artist’s key themes towards which her work gravitates. The artist feels the urgency to communicate the uncertainty of the current time with a painful delicacy.


Ankon Mitra, “Komorebi” (2021), dupont tyvek, luci led e cornice di alluminio – Courtesy of FG Comunicazione


Ankon Mitra is an artist and an architect (New Delhi, 1982) who has chosen paper to convey his devotion to geometry and pure mathematics. His artwork on display is a tribute to the mystery of existence which plays with the contrasts between light and shadow, visible and invisible in the folds of his origami composition. 


Laura Guilda, “no rest” (2020), wooden chair, frame and silk selvedges – Courtesy of FG Comunicazione


Laura Guilda’s artistic research (1986) – who proposes artworks created over the last two years – deals with the awakening of collective consciousness stressing our need to ask questions about current circumstances. Laura’s work makes use of fabric and wool threads ‐ which are ancient materials which are so familiar to us ‐ as an expressive medium in order to raise our levels of awareness and lift the veil on imminent problems such as climate emergency, human primacy over nature, the general exasperated individualism. Because there’s no change without awareness.