Five celebrities and their doppelgängers in the art world

Doppelgänger is a German word that reminds to the meaning of alter ego, of lookalike: over the years the more or less attentive eyes have found more and more contemporary famous people in the portraits and sculptures of past centuries. We present to you what for us have been the most striking examples.

The first lookalike is the portrait of Paul Mounet by Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel, made in 1875: at first sight Mounet already reminds us of the actor Keanu Reeves, famous for his role in Matrix (1999).

Ritratto di Paul Mounet, Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel – Courtesy of Pinterest

The second doppelganger is the portrait of Jean Alexander by Amedeo Modigliani, the famous 20th-century Italian artist.
Immediately it’s visible the similarity with the famous Hollywoodian actor Johnny Depp. It’s obvious the similarity between the two characters, distant by time but near by shape.

A third example is surely the one of Vladimir Putin, a known Russian politician.
His doppelgänger is foundable in the 15th-century “Portrait of the spouse Arnolfini” made by the famous Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck.
Looking carefully at the features of the husband, the similarity can only appear obvious.

Ritratto dei coniugi Arnolfini, Jan Van Eyck – Courtesy of Pinterest

In another portrait, this time bornt by the hand of the Polish painter Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz and starring Elżbieta Szemplińska-Sobolewska, many people found that it reminds us of the actress Nicole Kidman, such as the copper head of hair and the soft features that distinguish her from others.

The last lookalike we want to propose to you is “Lady in blue”, work of the late 19th-century by the known Paul Cézanne.
His doppelgänger is the actress Maggie Smith, known for her participation in Downton Abbey, apart from an aesthetic similarity, the work reminds us of his role in the British series as evidenced by the clothes she wears.

Signora in blu, Paul Cezanne – Courtesy of Pinterest

We leave you with these famous cases of lookalike inside the show business, and you? Have you already found your doppelgänger?