From Unesco to Clubhouse: GAMeC’s road to success

Clubhouse, the new social media of the voice, has recently landed on our smartphones.

What is it? A new social app, created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, which is based only and exclusively on audio, without the chance of chat or audio recording.
There are virtual rooms, where you can only enter by invitation from other participants, where the right of speech is in force.
In each room there are moderators, who regulate the debate and who allow the participants in the audience, when they raise their hand, to go on stage and express their opinion.

All debates delete themselves as soon as they are over.

Clubhouse has the potential to become a social network with a strong cultural inclination, especially if the topics treated continue to be, as now, of a certain level and do not degenerate into mediocrity.


Courtesy of Vox


Art, or rather, its disclosure fits itself perfectly to the format that Clubhouse has launched and there are already those who have tried it, one above all is, for instance, Andrea Concas, founder of Art Rights.

Also Bergamo’s GAMeC has understood the potential of Clubhouse.
Bergamo’s gallery, during the lockdown, set up one of the most successful formats in the cultural field, so much so that it was awarded by UNESCO among the best museum initiatives created during the pandemic: we are talking about Radio Gamec.

At the beginning Radio GAMeC went live on Gamec’s official Instagram account, then it turned into physical meetings in the courtyard of the gallery and now, it goes back to its roots by opening its room on Clubhouse.

The creator of Radio Gamec, Lorenzo Giusti, will be supported by Lara Facco, director of one of the largest press offices in Italy.
Together, they’ll lead the debates in which prominent personalities in the art world will be invited. The first joining were Massimiliano Tonelli, editorial director of Artribune who with Cristiano Seganfreddo and Gea Politi, Directors of Flash Art, inaugurated the first meeting on February 15th.


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The names of the guests who will alternate in the following weeks are already known: Nicola Ricciardi, Artistic Director of miart – international fair of modern and contemporary art in Milan – Ilaria Bonacossa, Director of Artissima, international contemporary art fair of Turin, Roberto Pisoni, Director of Sky Arte, and Marco Maisano, journalist and host television, Sabrina Donadel, host of the Private Collection by Sky Arte and Valeria Napoleone, patron and collector, Nicolas Ballario, presenter of Te la da io dell’arte on Rai Radio 1 and Ilaria Gadenz.

Hoping that more and more players of the art system, including artists, will join Clubhouse we wish GAMeC good luck!