Futurisum made museum: the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

During September 2021, the city of angels has inaugurated the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, projected by the study of the archistar Renzo Piano.

The museum wants to tell the history of cinema from its birth to our days, within a structure of 300 thousand square meters with a futuristic and innovative style, aesthetically, the building refers to a crystal sphere, made up of contemporary materials such as glass, iron and gold leaves.The structure consists of two buildings, the Saban Building with two areas dedicated to exhibitions and the Shirley Temple Education Studio, dedicated to the latter’s career and workshops on filmography.
It is possible that the shape is reminiscent of the space weapon of Dart Vader in Star Wars as a dedication to the world of cinema.


Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Los Angeles – Courtesy Infobuild.it


The building is located near the LACMA, the city’s monumental art museum, thus constituting an important museum center for Los Angeles and making the area a real cultural reference for the American city as well as an essential place for cinema lovers.

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures thus becomes the largest structure dedicated to the seventh art present in the United States and in the world: inside we find about 12 million photographs, 42 thousand posters, various educational and exhibition spaces, it is therefore possible to make a immersive journey through costumes and installations with the aim of offering visitors a new and original experience, in the world of Hollywood stars and their impact on our lives.
Key items include Dorothy’s ruby ​​slippers from “The Wizard of Oz” or the spaceship model from “2001: A Space Odyssey”.


Academy Museum of Motion Pictures – Courtesy https://www.academymuseum.org/


For this reason, many events and debates dedicated to cinema, artists and the environment around them are organized, as well as numerous exhibitions: “Stories of Cinema”, a permanent exhibition that highlights the stories of the most famous directors and their works and “Hayao Miyazaki”, a temporary retrospective on the famous director that will be open until June 2022.