Hannah Bullen-Ryner: the ephemeral art

Hannah Bullen-Ryner is an up-and-coming British artist who, after experimenting with painting and photography, has found a completely innovative way to express herself which is close to Land Art. 

This term refers to a form of art that originated in the 1960s and that involved working exclusively in natural environments, whereby no elements outside the landscape such as glues or resins, canvases or panels were used. 

Credits: Hannah Bullen-Ryner

With this in mind, Hannah Bullen-Ryner uses the elements of the forest for the creation of her works: small wood, leaves, flowers, bird feathers, berries. Then she cleans up a space on the ground and reassembles the collected material, thus creating colorful and lively animals symbols and mandalas. 

The colors and dimensions are so accurate and harmonious that each element look like a brushstroke resulting in a paining. 

The hues of her creations follow the seasons, providing different colour harmonies in each period. 

Credits: Hannah Bullen-Ryner

Nature, however, is characterised by transience, and so even the works of this artist are not immune to decay; on the contrary, a gust of wind is enough to take them away. 

It is precisely the ephemeral nature of her work, says the artist in her personal blog, that makes it special for her. She calls it a cathartic experience. 

Thanks to the time spent among the foliage of the trees, the roaring of the streams and the chirping of the birds, Hannah Buller-Ryner is able to find the serenity that everyday life takes away.

Credits: Hannah Bullen-Ryner

This is precisely the aim of her art: reconnect with Mother Earth and restore harmony within oneself. 

Her works, however, do not totally vanish into thin air. In fact, the artist uses her skills and background in photography to fix them in time, communicating and disseminating her art. 

Observing Hannah’s shots in this way, one is not only fascinated by her creativity, but also experiences: one perceives the peace that only nature can convey, the same motivation that drives the artist to create.