Mazzini Lab and SpeakART: a partnership dedicated to innovation in the prevention and management of assets

Mazzini Lab is a recently founded Benefit Company that carries out the research and study of solutions, services and products for the protection, enhancement and improvement of environmental and climatic conditions in the cultural heritage sector with the utmost care and dedication. Mazzini Lab is committed,

in addition, to develop networks and networks between companies and professionals to encourage and increase the dissemination of good practices in the field of risk management and safety for works of art to ensure the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage, so as to make it accessible to future generations.

There are several disciplines and knowledge made available to its customers: from record management to risk management, from digital PR to social media management, from business strategy to marketing and communication, with specific attention to creativity and design.

The partnership between SpeakART and Mazzini Lab marks the start of a path driven by the innovation of the solutions proposed by the two realities, which as a common goal have the will to protect and enhance assets, heritages and collections, through prevention and their correct management. thanks to an intelligent use of the possibilities offered by digitization.