MRT Virtual pushes the augmented reality digitization of the Royal Museums of Turin

Following the restoration of the Altar of the Shroud Chapel completed in 2018, the Royal Museums of Turin in collaboration with the Council for the Valorisation of Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin, have given life to MRT Virtual, an app to exploit the technology of augmented reality in favor of the use of artistic and cultural contents linked to one’s own heritage, which at the moment sees the Altar as protagonists, as well as the Chapel and the Grove of the Royal Gardens.

The application will allow you to take advantage of textual content, as well as images and videos, but above all to view animations in virtual reality.


Courtesy Exibart


The project is part of the “GoDigital!” Project, a transformation plan that includes innovation and digital transformation initiatives within the museum, which will involve both staff and visitors, focusing on inclusion and participation, especially following the reflections that the pandemic period has given rise to.

This initiative aims to promote and enhance the offer of the Turin Royal Museums: the director Enrica Pagella explains how this wave of transformation will be increasingly present within the museum sector, for the needs that push to create “an empathic relationship with the public “.


Courtesy arte.go


The Piedmontese institution therefore approaches a form as complete as possible of digitization of the museum visit: this also to offer the visitor an immersive experience and no longer a simple tête-à-tête visit.

The Turin initiative is not the only one in Italy, more and more institutions are in fact looking for an innovative means that can allow the visitor to immerse themselves in the visit, first of all the Capitoline Museums that have hosted Visea since December (read here).