Olimpia Zagnoli’s creative kaleidoscope in Reggio Emilia

Born in Reggio Emilia, he grew up in Milan. Her world is a whirlwind of bright colors, with a very personal style all geometric shapes without edges. A career that began after a youth spent breathing art, following the attendance of the European Institute of Design, with the publication of the first works in print.

From the New York Times to children’s book illustrations, from commercials for large companies to promotional campaigns for fashion, to a purely artistic and personal visual research path.


The New Yorker, Cover for August 5&12 issue of The New Yorker dedicated to Summer -Courtesy olimpiazagnoli.com


First of all, illustrator and graphic designer, but inserted in a path that spaces between the visual arts and the different applications of creativity driven by a fantasy and a curiosity that can draw inspiration from any detail.

Various solo shows have given space and voice to her creations, from ‘Parco Zagnoli’ at the Ninasagt Gallery in Düsseldorf or Cuore di panna at the HVW8 gallery in Los Angeles, or the solo shows at Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea.


Prada Spring Summer 2018 – Courtesy olimpiazagnoli.com


Now OZ is back in its native Reggio Emilia: the Cloisters of San Pietro host “Kaleidoscopica”, with an exhibition project that wants to put the right attention on the eclectic nature of its path by proposing a sculpture garden in the external courtyards, but also a journey through the his most iconic images or unpublished and youthful illustrations.

A unique opportunity to investigate an attractive and mysterious production, discovering one step at a time and one work at a time which sources of inspiration inspired her, which results she managed to produce her mind together with her hand.


“Cosa Farai Domani Milano?” project for the launch of the Apple Piazza Liberty Store in Milan – Courtesy olimpiazagnoli.com