Our farewell to Achille Perilli, the man of abstract art

A life dedicated to art but not only, in the years dedicated to culture in the broadest sense of the term the master of Italian Abstraction also deals with theater and literature, dedicating himself several times to the drafting of Manifests for the movements in which he participates .

We had to give the last farewell on Saturday to Achille Perilli, who passed away at the age of 94: a figure that will remain unforgettable for his role and his contribution to the art of the twentieth century.


Achille Perilli – Courtesy Arte Magazine


A figure of extreme importance for his artistic career, he was co-founder, together with artists such as Accardi, Consagra, Dorazio, Sanfilippo and Turcato, of the avant-garde known as Gruppo Forma 1, of evident Marxist and formalist inspiration, with particular attention therefore dedicated to form and to the sign.

Over the years he participates in another group, always together with Dorazio, called Gruppo Arte Sociale (GAS) and in addition to the two of them, we find other characters from the contemporary environment such as Muccini, Guerrini and Vespignano, and the Mac (Movimento Arte Concreta) .


Achille Perilli, Paesaggio astratto, 1947 – Courtesy achilleperilli.com


His works are recognizable by the bright and gaudy colors and by the typically geometric shapes that seek an abstract taste and style, building figures that looking at them seem unresolved and that recall the study of the famous Kandinskij, to whom in the 1950s he will dedicate the first and only number of the contemporary art information book Forma 2.

Perilli has been essential in the contemporary artistic environment for his research on abstractionism that leads him to create solo exhibitions throughout Italy, and beyond: from Rome to Amsterdam, to Frankfurt or Chicago, his art now circulates worldwide up to to arrive at the Venice and Tokyo Biennials.


Achille Perilli, Ordinatio, dispositio, eurythmia,symmetria,decor,caos, 1968 – Courtesy achilleperilli.com

When we talk about Achille Perilli, we are talking about a world-famous artist who still influences the analysis and current artistic research today.