Podcasts that are ( and make ) Art

Podcasts are the new frontier of the digital world and it is a matter of fact.

In 2020, also due to (or fault, points of view) the lockdown, there was a huge increase of the number of podcasts downloaded and listened to, as confirmed by Federica Tremolada, Managing Director of Spotify.

Therefore, considering that podcasts have conquered any field, at this point it is interesting to understand how the art world behaves with them.

According to ArtsLife, the best podcasts in this field are seven, Italian and international ones:

1.Bow Down: Woman in the art history (conducted by Jennifer Higgie), is a podcast about women who have left their mark in the art history in front of which one should bow (bow, indeed);
2.The Great Woman Artist (conducted by Katy Hessel), the title is very eloquent, women talking about art;
3. Last Seen (produced by Kelly Horan, Jack Rodolico and Stephen Kurkjian), the podcast is around one of the most famous art thefts that took place on March 18th, 1990 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston;
4.The way I see it (conducted by Alastair Sook and produced by the BBC in collaboration with MOMA), thirty episodes in which the listener is guided, by exceptional experts, through the marvelous halls of Moma;
5. ‘ll give you the art (conducted by Nicolas Bellario and produced by Rai Radio 1), here we come to the Made in Italy with the irony that distinguishes Ballario, you’ll visit any kind of museum
6.A3 the art format (conducted by Elena del Drago and curated by Cettina Flaccavento), a 360-degree overview of national and international art;
7.The unveiled art (conducted by Giuseppe Nifosì), one hundred episodes that reveal more or less known artistic anecdotes;

In short, everyone can find what is looking for.


Courtesy of Christies.com


Also Artribune, a well-known art magazine, has already landed into the fantastic world of podcasting since April 2020 and, it recently launched a new format entitled Contemporaneamente by MariaAntonietta Firmani.

The protagonists who partecipate during the usual appointments are art historians, critics, journalists and professionals in the world of communication (to name just a few) who, by merging their skills, are able to offer to the listener a 360-degree overview of a series of issues related to the art world and beyond: it ranges from science, literature, philosophy, cinema to architecture and so on.


Courtesy of LikedIn


Contemporaneamente offers food for thought on what the current condition of the art scene is, also shedding light on related topics such as digital literacy and design.