Sardinia of traditions: from the wine of Antichi Poderi to the textile art of Maria Lai

Let’s go back to talking about the combination of art and wine. We are in Sardinia, where viticulture is one of the most practiced agricultural activities thanks to a tradition that has lasted for centuries – so much so that Cannonau is one of the oldest Mediterranean wines – and which makes its products famous throughout Italy and abroad. .

In the province of Nuoro, and more specifically in Jerzu, we find ourselves in the reality of Antichi Poderi: this example of a cooperative cellar was born in the mid-twentieth century, bringing together a few dozen local winemakers and which today has 400 members and 700 cultivated hectares .


Courtesy Jerzu Antichi Poderi


Among the more traditional wines and the more contemporary choices, this summer in the cellar spaces the possibility of enjoying not only local wine products but also the works of art of those who were born in these lands is added.

The exhibition “Mending the pain – Weaving hope” presents about seventy works by Maria Lai, originally from Ogliastra, linked to the Via Crucis created in 1981 by the artist, flanked by other works that over the years have testified to the link with the his land.


Courtesy Jerzu Antichi Poderi – Facebook


In general, her production is linked to the Sardinian tradition: the artist is in fact particularly remembered for her textile works by her, in an artistic transformation of activities and materials commonly considered daily, ordinary.

It has always been an undoubted example of female emancipation, which has been able to give a voice to the women of her land through her works, a story that has lasted a lifetime and which still remains today in the “Stazione dell’Arte” Museum she created herself. or in its open-air path, located in the native country.


Maria Lai, Via Crucis Ulassai_IV Stazione – Courtesy Insideart