Sing it out loud and everything will be fine … like the Mona Lisa does

How much do we miss going to museums. It is not a question, but a statement.
How much we miss breathing art and letting our eyes be filled with that beauty that has now been closed for months in museums all over the world.

For a year now, all cultural institutions, in order to survive, have dedicated themselves to the improvement of their social channels with the clear goal of maintaining a high level of engagement of their public, also stuck, at home.

There are those who have been more successful than others and there have been countless digital initiatives designed and implemented in the last twelve months.
Instagram is the master of the sector, because it works through images, because it is immediate and because it gives more space to the imagination.

It is precisely on Instagram that for a few days a video of the Mona Lisa singing songs of the twenty-first century has been an hit and together with her perform, forgive us the term, also a self-portrait of Frida Khalo, one of Van Gogh, the death of Marat, a serigraphy of Marilyn by Andy Warhol, a subject by Modigliani and many others.


Video by Culturez-Vous – Instagram Official Account


Whose the idea is it?

A French blog, Culturez-vous,with nearly fifty thousand followers on Instagram which, thanks to the imagination of its creators, has given life and voice to some of the greatest artworks of the last century.
The idea of updating art, of making it “human” is not new, on the opposite, it anticipates the Covid era by a long time.
The Mona Lisa, above all, has already undergone several transformations over the last few years: they made her talk, they disguised her and she also wore a mask undergoing our same, very sad, destiny.


Culturez-Vous Logo – Courtesy of


Culturez-Vous’s post with the video in question has more than fifteen thousand likes and about six hundred comments, all very positive.

It might be because the Covid has taken away, and unfortunately continues to do so, the carefreeness of living and seeing art, or that the people need to find a smile again, but if artworks can help in this, it is right to exploit them and make them sing.