Softwares for the art market: cloud vs local

As we know, even in the art market the use of technology is increasingly huge, and when the doors are opened to the use of new software, you can find yourself faced with the choice between installing it locally or using it in the cloud.

The widespread diffusion of the cloud has shown how this has become the most common path, and the satisfaction is not only due to the greater degree of novelty that distinguishes it from the traditional “local”.

In fact, there are countless concrete advantages that lead to an investment in this direction: intrinsic to the structure itself is the fact that choosing a cloud software avoids the customer having to deal personally with a series of responsibilities such as administration and maintenance, making backups, saving resources in terms of time but also energy.

The issue of costs is also fundamental: cloud services are offered with a subscription, which allows you to spread costs by amortizing them over time, without the need for a large initial expense. Furthermore, the expense that software subscriptions require is related to the size or number of services required: scalability therefore allows each customer a flexible choice based on their needs, which can also evolve over time. This versatility is not as easy to find in on-premises solutions, which tend to offer complete packages that may not be exploited to the full.

The possibilities that the cloud offers, as a digital and non-physical space, also concern accessibility at any time and from any place in which you are, with the only requirement of having an internet connection that is now increasingly widespread.

This access possibility consequently also opens the door to third-party users, possibly involved through credentials. Furthermore, although perhaps intuitively less obvious, a digital space in which to save and store data is to provide greater security and protection of these with a lower chance of being exposed to risks, but also greater ease of recovery or recovery in case of need.

It is on this basis that SpeakART has chosen to be a cloud platform, having with it the strength and experience to support it with credibility and security.