Studio DRIFT’s drones: from “reconstruction” of monuments to indoor performance

Can you imagine the Sagrada familia finished? And the Colosseum refurbished?

The Dutch artist duo DRIFT has left no room for imagination but has showed it to us, and in real size, through amazing aerial sculptures.

Studio DRIFT – Courtesy Studio Drift -Credits: exibart

Since 2020 this collective, formed by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, has in fact set out to complete monuments and buildings left unfinished or in ruins thanks to  of drone technology. 

Their art has been applied to the great unfinished work of the Sagrada familia as well as to the Colosseum, to which they have returned its original circular from through the combination of technology and art. 

The buildings thus become a luminous stage set against the backdrop of the blue sky. 

The scenic and artistic purpose is not the only one, but thanks to the collaboration with the companies Drone Stories and Nova Sky Stories, DRIFT aims to collaborate with architects, providing them with a sustainable and fascinating way to visualise their projects in natural size.

Among the most recent light installations, “Breaking Waves” is one of the most spectacular. 
On 28 April 2022, the artists illuminated Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie on the occasion of its fifth anniversary: 300 drones of light danced around the building, creating a kinetic installation that enchanted visitors.

Studio DRIFT, Breaking Waves – Courtesy Bertold Fabricius – Credits: Studio DRIFT

One of Gordijn and Nauta’s main missions is to bring their art into public spaces in such a way as to reach the widest possible audience, thus enabling everyone to experience art, light and the power of their union.

Studio DRIFT has also left its mark in our city: Venice. 
In fact, the Church of San Lorenzo had the honor of hosting their first indoor drone performance, carried out on the occasion of the Art Biennale 2022, which is a meditation on the tensions between individual autonomy and collective interdependence.

Studio DRIFT, Social Sacrifice – Courtesy Ossip van Duivenbode – Credits: Studio DRIFT