The Google of museums: the relaunch of Artsupp

The history of Artsupp begins in 2018, when it begins to offer itself as an aggregator of information relating to events and exhibitions organized by Italian museums and cultural institutions.

Such a wide cultural offer like the Italian one gives rise to a strong fragmentation in the moment of research, and is often accompanied by imprecise or even missing data and details.

The idea of ​​the young Jacopo Magrini and Riccardo Paparella is therefore to offer a portal as complete as possible, which brings together and simplifies the search for the user, and which on the other hand gives the institutions a way to show themselves and make themselves known.


Courtesy Artsupp


A third of the Italian realities have joined the project in the last two years, and there is a presence of more than 1700 places of culture among partners, which provide official content about their activities, and the other institutions present with essential information to provide all user a more complete picture possible of the Italian artistic and cultural scene.

Artsupp’s mission therefore proves to be biunivocally useful: for the visitor’s research and information needs, as well as for the needs of museums, even smaller ones, to show themselves and promote themselves, which are thus able to obtain greater online visibility, shortening the distance between supply and demand also thanks to a blog full of insights.


Courtesy Artsupp


Artsupp is an example of growth that looks to the future, animated by the desire to extend more and more the scope of a service that was missing and to strengthen its potential, nationally and internationally.