The Hauser & Wirth empire never ends

In July he inaugurated the latest creation by the couple who governs the world of contemporary art, Iwan and Manuela Wirth.
Locations scattered all over the world, the representation of selected team of contemporary artists (but also by now historicized), ideas and projects that always push them one step ahead of the others.

Thus, already in 2014, they were able to evolve the concept of an urban art gallery, opening an office in the Somerset countryside: an art center more than a simple gallery, where exhibitions alternate with events such as seminars and conferences. , and where there is no lack of an artistic residency program.


Hauser & Wirth Somerset – Courtesy Hauser & Wirth


After months and months of work, the buildings that once constituted a military hospital have been renovated giving life to that large exhibition space in eight rooms that incorporates the existing model of an English art center.

Not a happy time to inaugurate new artistic spaces, but in reality the remote location of the island, by its nature a quarantine island, seems to perfectly respond to those needs for distancing that have commanded our lives for more than a year, as evidenced by the fact that all the Menorcan museums were also almost always open during this period.


Mark Bradford, Masses and Movements – Hauser & Wirth Menorca – Courtesy Hauser & Wirth


The link with the island and with respect for the environment have been focal points of the research around which the project has developed: the debate on sustainability has become increasingly central, even more so after the pandemic period, and in this case is embodied in a project for the preservation of the island. Similarly, we wanted to focus attention on the relationship with local communities and their involvement in the project.

The umpteenth bulwark of Swiss gallery owners is actually the second conquest of 2021: a few months ago they also opened an office in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, a discreet 290 square meter exhibition space with 9 meter high walls, inaugurating with a exhibition dedicated to Louise Bourgeois which obviously includes one of her gigantic spiders, a bronze sculpture of more than three meters which currently resides in the garden in front of the gallery.


Louise Bourgeois, Spider, 1996 – Hauser & Wirth Monaco – Courtesy Hauser & Wirth