Friday at 5.00pm, the webinar “The Collectors Toolbox” organized by Cambi Casa d’Aste took place, on the occasion of “Dystopian Visions”, the first Italian auction of NFT, curated by Serena Tabacchi, in collaboration with SuperRare.

The tools and steps to be taken to approach digital art collecting will be explored, to arrive at the best practices to follow for a correct purchase and conservation of the artworks.

The conference, moderated by Serena Tabacchi (Director and Co-Founder of @museum of contemporary di Museum of Contemporary Digital Art) and Bruno Pitzalis (Crypto Art Expert for Cambi Casa d’Aste), will involve:

• Angelica Maritan (Founder and CEO of SpeakART)
• Zack Yanger (CMO of SuperRare)
• Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti (journalist)
• Italo Carli (Head of ARTE Generali Italia)
• Mauro Masoni (Senior Sales Manager of The Rock Trading)