You never stop learning: Tracey Emin opens a school in Margate

Tracey Emin, a contemporary artist known for her sectarian and autobiographical works including one of the most famous “Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995”, has recently announced the opening of an art school in Margate, County Kent.

In the same area, about ten years ago, the Turner Gallery was inaugurated: a place dedicated to contemporary art which together aims to re-evaluate the surrounding environment, catalyzing a movement of urban regeneration.


Turner Contemporary, Margate – Courtesy Art Fund


The goal, as Emin explains, is to transform the area into a “refuge for artists”: for this reason, there will be thirty studios inside that will allow artists to have adequate spaces in which to work.

The building, chosen near Emin’s studio, was previously a seaside resort with an adjoining morgue: the latter will be used as a museum, while the main building will be dedicated to the artistic growth of enrolled students.


Tracey Emin Studio, Margate – Courtesy Financial Times


In addition, there will be spaces where adults and children will have the opportunity to try their hand at the art of drawing: it is therefore not an elite school but an opportunity to relaunch the English city in the contemporary art scene.

The project was born from the artist’s intent to leave his own mark and his own legacy, as he anticipated the idea of transforming his studio into a personal museum: teaching thus becomes another piece to transmit his knowledge and skills to generations. future, in a project that includes all the facets of making art, from exposure to learning, to the search for ever greater freedom of expression.


Tracey Emin, Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995 – Courtesy Widewalls