A non-fair for the new generations of collectors. (un)fair opens in the rooms of Superstudio Maxi in Milan

They’re not lacking in courage indeed.

In the middle of the pandemic there’s someone who has conceived a brand‐new fair as an exchange of views which puts new generations of artists, gallerists and collectors in the center.

The title (un)fair is already a declaration of intent suggesting a format which differs from the historic contemporary art fairs as it is a 360° platform with an eye to current topics such as sustainability, social inclusion and cultural diversities.


Aldo Salucci, Wrong perception – Courtesy a-more gallery for (un)fair


A guiding place for a new generation of millennials who approach art collecting and “collectable” works of emerging and renowned artists often previewed by young local and international galleries.

As art directors Laura Gabellotto and Manuela Porcu have managed for years Affordable Art Fair in Milan which used to propose art sales with a budget of a few thousand euros.


Jordi Artigas, Take That – Courtesy of The Route Photography Gallery for (un)fair


Artists have been told to develop clear‐headedly contemporary themes connected to bare reality. Galleries have been asked to raise the issue of gender equality, an aspect which still seems not to captivate the art system in Italy where unfortunately female artists are underrepresented.

This non‐fair will be hosted in the rooms of Superstudio Maxi in Milan, a sustainable location which uses 100% of renewable energy with an extra‐low environmental impact.


Cyrus Kabiru, Miyale Ya Blue – Courtesy of AKKA Project for (un)fair


The programme of (un)fair – which will be taking place from 8 to 10 April 2022 –also includes some online events “at the side”, but these digital appointments are not going to substitute the fulcrum of the main show which, according to promoters, intends to firmly maintain a live social dimension.

Certainly, among the special projects we can mention “Contemporary Art From Africa” in collaboration with Whitley Neill and AKKA Project which will open a window to emerging African art and to the concept of gallery as a community.