Boccioni between Romagna and Milan: the opening of the TMUB Museum and the exhibition “The Young Boccioni”

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Umberto Boccioni was born in Reggio Calabria in 1882, but his origins are all Romagna: his parents are in fact originally from the small town of Morciano di Romagna, in the province of Rimini. And it is precisely here that the TMUB, Temporary Museum Umberto Boccioni, an initiative of the artist’s Foundation, has just been inaugurated. Temporary because its seat is transitory: the spaces that have currently been occupied represent only a first stage of what will later be a permanent seat, designed to take root in the house where the parents lived.


Umberto Boccioni, Donna che cuce, TMUB


The choice of venue is driven by the desire to historically reconstruct the artist’s origins. But already now it is possible to visit the Museum to discover and deepen the events that marked the (unfortunately short) life of the artist.

These actions fully respond to the Foundation’s objectives, to support and disseminate the artist, the dissemination of his thoughts and the knowledge of his works.
The objective therefore includes the collection of all available documentation to create a library and a photo library, both paper and digital.


Umberto Boccioni, Finestra – Courtesy Bottegantica


The initiative is accompanied by the exhibition “The young Boccioni”, which will open on 22 October at the Galleria Bottegantica in Milan, investigating the stage of the artist’s youth training, with a selection of works from 1901 to 1909.

This path in the first years of activity will allow us to see his growth between travels and study experiences, influenced by the study of the classics as well as by contemporary artistic currents.