Experimentation and immersion: AnarcoAracnoAnacro by Tomás Saraceno in Syracuse

Argentine origin and training as an architect, Tomás Saraceno is one of the leading exponents of the contemporary art scene at an international level.

A complete and multifaceted figure, which brings together scientific and technological inspirations to create experiences and installations in which the viewer participates, in which he immerses himself, reflecting on sociability and interaction, on a different world, on our responsibilities towards the planet , on organisms and ecosystems.


Ph. Studio Tomás Saraceno – Courtesy saracenosiracusa.it


It was 2020 when the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence hosted Aria, an immersive path in which the existence of the Aerocene was imagined, a new era in which man is no longer at the center of everything, but is part of an environment in which a new harmony is sought, to rethink a new world and imagine an alternative future.

The spider, a key element in his production as a source of inspiration so much so that he scanned and digitized a spider’s web, also becomes a metaphor for exposure to change the way we conceive the universe around us.


Ph. Ela Bialkowska – Courtesy palazzostrozzi.org


Saraceno returns to Italy and is welcomed by the Monumental Area of ​​the Neapolis in Syracuse with the AnarcoAracnoAnacro project, which proposes an unprecedented sensory journey that over the months will evolve just as if it were a form of its own life.

The installations want to be a means to re-read the forms of life, the events, the relationships that took place in those places in order to reflect on the present problems and on the need for change that we are experiencing.

An immersive experience that seeks to question the centrality of man in history, in our relationships with the environment that has always surrounded us.


Neapolis – Ph. Giuseppe Mineo – Courtesy saracenosiracusa.it