Mudec’s dialogues between arts and cultures

The Mudec of Milan was born with the intention of being a pole that could centralize research and comparison between the different cultures of the world, together promoting the enhancement of the civic ethnographic collections exhibited in the museum, as well as offering a vast program that offers exhibitions dedicated to great artists (Tina Modotti, Elliott Erwitt, Roy Lichtenstein and Liu Bolin, only in the last two years) as well as exhibitions that focus on particular investigations and themes.

The institution stands as an innovative museum in the search for little-explored themes, sewing relationships with different cultures and worlds (such as the latest focuses on the fabrics of the women of Mount Quichua or on the Inca roads) that are brought to our attention, also thanks to projects such as “Milan City World” which sees protagonists those who are Milanese citizens but have international origins, and their influence in the development of the city.


Disney. L’arte di raccontare storie senza tempo – Courtesy Fanpage


The opening on several fronts is perfectly embodied by the current exhibition program of the Museum: until February, it is possible to visit the exhibition dedicated to the Disney world, in collaboration with the Disney Archives and promoted by 24 ORE Cultura-Gruppo 24 ORE and Walt Disney Animation Research Library.

The goal is to retrace the success of Walt Disney and his world, from the beginnings to today, from pencil drawing to digital, from black and white to technicolor, in a story of the creative processes that lead to those results that for years they enchant generations of children and adults, in a real 360 * vision of the “behind the scenes” of an animated film.


Piet Mondrian, Composizione con rosso giallo e blu, 1929 – Courtesy Artribune


In parallel, the visit to the exhibition dedicated to the master of abstraction, Piet Mondrian, is open, created thanks to the fundamental contribution of the Kunstmuseum den Haag, a museum based in The Hague which holds the largest number of the artist’s works.

The exhibition itinerary develops through the artist’s career, from the figurative period to abstract art, passing through the “De Stijl” movement, essential for his artistic career and for the evolution not only of art, but also of architecture and of design.


TVBOY, Officially Un-Official – Courtesy La Repubblica


And if a visit to Mudec happens during the Christmas holidays, you could also take advantage of the visit to the staff dedicated to TVBOY, the street artist who critically investigates the trends of our society, which was anticipated in 2018 by a mural created on the occasion of the event dedicated to Banksy.