ReA! Art Fair inaugurates the cultural September in Milan

A different fair: at the center of attention not the galleries, but the artists. Not the most popular and established ones, but the emerging still little known, young people and academics.

At the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, 100 talents, Italian and foreign, selected through the call opened in the first months of the year by the curatorial committee, and divided into eight categories ready to cover the widest spectrum of artistic production possible: Painting and Drawing, Photography, Video, Performance, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Digital Art, Street Art.


Fabbrica del Vapore – Courtesy Artribune


An opportunity to get to know and meet, for those subjects who are not yet so part of the art market: ReA wants to be a means to put artists in contact with collectors, institutions, curators, galleries, to start new relationships and – why not – get some sales, as transparently as possible.

In the intention of putting artists at the center, their enhancement is also promoted through three prizes: one in cash promoted by Artsted, the “Look forward” artistic residency, the real Rea! Art Prize which includes a group exhibition with ten artists in 2022.


ReA! Art Fair 2020 – Courtesy Lunedì a colazione


All this in addition to the opportunity to show oneself to the general public interested in contemporary art and the novelties proposed, in an event that offers new stimuli and a new approach, accompanying the more purely fair aspect also a program of debates and conferences on the topics more in vogue in the contemporary art scene.

With special guests, conversations will be proposed on the digital revolution started under the banner of NFTs, on new trends arising from the link between art and technology, on the role of the collector as an expert and on the curatorship of emerging artists.

ReA! Art Fair team – Courtesy Artefair


The association at the base of the fair was born last year, with the involvement of an all-female team, young protagonists with an artistic and cultural background, with a common purpose and intent which is the promotion of that emerging art in the most as transparent as possible, offering opportunities and training.