The artificial intelligence and the creativity for society: here it is the AI4Future by MEET Digital Cultural Center

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a useful tool for improving today’s society.

It is from this principle that the MEET Digital Cultural Center, the International Center for Digital Culture founded with the support of Cariplo Foundation, has developed the two-year project – until 2022 –  entitled AI4Future.


AI4Future – Courtesy of


The key word is mobility. Within the project, artificial intelligence is conceived as an engine that works on different fronts, from national and international “intelligent” movements conveyed by Big Data and Machine Learning, through the use of clean technologies, up to get to mobility conceived as social support thanks to digital culture.

The protagonists of the project are young Europeans, from students to artists who want to try their hand or are, in general, interested in the digital world. They will be offered a training course focused on the latter and on artificial intelligence as a creative means through which to propose social improvements.

We are already at the starting blocks.

In mid-April, the first initiative within AI4Future will be inaugurated, the AI4Future Days: talks and discussion panels to turn the spotlight on the topic and raise public awareness.

And it does not end here, after AI4Future Days there is more.

Here is the program.

  • Calls for Artists

Artists / curators or international teams it’s your turn. In this phase of the project you could be selected to participate in the next phase of artistic residency.

  • Artist Residencies in Urban Labs

It will be four weeks to experience the artist residencies, organized in various European countries. The artists previously selected with the calls will have paid travel expenses and a minimum budget for their projects. The goal is precisely to create a work using artificial intelligence that will then be presented to the community.

  • Final Exhibition

It will take place in Milan at the headquarters of the Meet Digital Cultural Center. The works created during the residencies will be exhibited with the aim of involving national and international media and public opinion.

AI4Future makes innovation, digital and creativity available to society. 

We can’t wait to see the results.