The visions of Italian digital art: the curated auction Dystopian Visions by Cambi + SuperRare

Digital and physical officially hold hands: thanks to this union, the first 100% made in Italy auction of crypto art is born, the result of the collaboration between the auction house Cambi and SuperRare.

From 25 June to 4 July, the 18 works part of the collection curated “Dystopian Visions” are dropped daily in pairs and put up for auction in the marketplace.

The creations were physically visible between 24 and 26 June at the Milan headquarters in Cambi, while until 4 July they are virtually exhibited on the Arium platform, a virtual space specifically designed for the display of digital works of art.

The selected artists are all Italian, forming together a team of the major protagonists of crypto art at national level.



Annibale Siconolfi works on dystopian cities and futuristic landscapes, and in Hollow he proposes a solution to overpopulation, in which architectures coexist and integrate fully into the landscape.
Restore.asimov by Catelloo allows a reflection on our past, in a journey on the history of humanity, while Apnea by Domenico D’Alisa is an encounter-clash between destiny and change.
Elia Pellegrini unfolds his passion for photography and graphics in Grains of Time where, in a surreal context, there is the vision of a man and a boy.
The artist designer Fabiano Speziari investigates the human soul, the relationship with nature and the environment that surrounds it; Clod 130: a place for lazy minds is the exemplification of a new spatial world.
Using computational systems, Fabio Catapano brings together technology, society and nature. Data Collector V1.0 is a call to classical civilization that unfolds in the movement of colored pixels.

It is part of his reflection on emotional states, Giovanni Motta‘s Afternoon Garage which highlights the impetus to travel and discover.
Giuseppe Lo Schiavo is fascinated by dance, theater and video art, as emerges in Robotics, which in the spectacular, creates a link between the show on stage and the viewer.
Giusy Amoroso reflects on anatomy, beyond reality, leaving room for creativity. An example is Esoskeleton – The Origin, which manages to represent dystopia in the context of utopia.
In God’s Graffiti, Leonardo Dentico describes the devastating serenity of men who throw themselves into the void; while in Transition, Luca Viola animates a work of art on canvas, which explodes towards the observer.
Manuel Gardina plays with neural networks, subject perception and time: Videotapestry (Nerybe) reflects on the relationship between the digital landscape and its viewer, in a balance between vastness and the unknown.

Yellow Pulsing Map by Mattia Cuttini synthesizes evolving processes, in a superimposition of shapes and sounds; Displaced by Nicola Scognamiglio confuses reality and illusion in an apocalyptic scenario.
Paola Pinna wants to underline the presence of the two identities of an android who is mirrored in Hidden Miki. Among the curves and draperies of MODEL_TI22, what Teresa Manzo brings out is the harmony of this figure immersed in a desert.
In Exposition, Undeadlu reflects on the coexistence of human and artificial and Vittorio Bonapace in 2080: The Astro Show gives a sarcastic vision of a dystopian future.


  • Annibale Siconolfi, Hollow


The curatorship is due to the expert vision of Serena Tabacchi, director and curator of MoCDA, a project that focuses on the knowledge and dissemination of digital contemporary art projects, and to the coordination of Bruno Pitzalis, crypto art expert of the auction house.

The meaning of this initiative obviously goes beyond simple sales: also thanks to the two webinars organized concurrently (Collective Moments and The Collectors Toolbox), we wanted to offer collectors and those interested in these new artistic productions the tools and methods to educate them. to approach as transparently and consciously as possible.