“Surround yourself with happy people and get contaminated”
#PhilosophicalWednesday #8

“Surround yourself with happy people and get contaminated”

Pierre Auguste Renoir undoubtedly deserved the title of painter of the joie de vivre, for his incredible ability to have been able to represent the life and free time of his contemporaries, always with the aim of expressing beauty and pleasure thanks to the his works.


Renoir, Bal au moulin de la Galette – Courtesy Musée d’Orsay


The worldly life portrayed in Bal au moulin de la Galette responds perfectly to this intent: the cheerfulness of young girls dressed up and Parisian intellectuals continues beyond the physical confines of the work, in an engaging whirlwind of joy, between dances and conversations, glances and smiles that make you want to dive into that festive atmosphere of the late nineteenth century.

This photographic-cut canvas goes hand in hand with Renoir’s celebration of another festive moment: Le déjeuner des canotiers again portrays a group of young boys, who as soon as their meal is finished they entertain themselves in cheerful chat.


Renoir, Le déjeuner des canotiers – Courtesy Phillips Collection


In both cases, the freshness of the work is due to the skilful use of colors and an engaging luminosity, which, combined with the use of the en plein air technique, reinforce the transmission of those positive sensations that not only involve the protagonists of the works, but they also envelop the spectators.

Renoir has always been a champion in portraying the happiness and serenity of his protagonists and their moments, giving the impression that it was also the company with which each of them surrounded himself that made them so joyful.